What is Ho’oponopono?


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Have you ever heard of the term ho’oponopono? Well, if you are one of those people who are not familiar with this, this post is perfect for you. But what is Ho’oponopono really? 

What is Ho’oponopono: The Definition

Ho’oponopono is a healing practice of forgiveness. To explain further, ho’oponopono is an old spiritual practice which originated in Hawaii.
It was utilized as a ceremonial method to assist one island kingdom to settle their dissimilarities with another. Eventually, it was adapted to facilitate forgiveness and cooperation among individuals. Typically, it requires a third party to mediate over the procedure. 
Ho’oponopono refers to forgiveness and reconciliation. However, it’s not directed necessarily at another individual. Ancient Hawaiians think that every life is linked to one another. Through practicing ho’oponopono, they are able to help themselves, other individuals and the world around them. 
The people in Hawaii want to live a life of pono. Being pono denotes being in ideal balance with everything in life – to live a life of virtue. Pono signifies that you have strong relationships with your friends, family and every people you meet. It denotes your relationships with other people are at all times good and fair, without jealousy and anger.
Every conflict and arguments can be treated with Ho’oponopono – the process of making it right. 

What are The Four Components of Ho’oponopono?

You need to know that Ho’oponopono is composed of four parts:
  • Admitting responsibility, “I’m sorry.” 
  • Asking for forgiveness, “Please forgive me.” 
  • Giving love, “I love you.”
  • Expressing gratitude, “Thank you.”
It is crucial to know that it does not matter whom you’re saying such stuff. Bear in mind that it’s a connection between you, your inner being, and your God. For instance, maybe you’re feeling sad because you’ve overeaten.
This communication is with yourself as well as the Divine. Or perhaps you had a debate with your partner, and you only wish things to get back to normal. This communication is still between yourself and God, yet it’s directed at your spouse as well. 

How to practice Ho’oponopono?

If you wish to make things correct again, we should ‘clean’ these old feelings or memories. Ho’oponopono enables you to release such old beliefs, feelings, or memories which are held in your subconscious which causes your problem. It has the power to heal and clear all the bad energies held by past and present situations and people permanently. It just takes a few minutes to do every day.
Forgiveness denotes letting go of those hard feelings such as sadness or anger when someone else does something mistaken. It does not denote that what the individual did is not wrong anymore. It also denotes that you discover it in your heart to give the person one more chance. It is not good to cling onto feelings of sadness or anger – Ho’oponopono is healthy. 
If you want to know more about what Ho’oponopono is, Zen offers a great program called Ho’oponopono – The Secret of Forgiveness for you to get familiarized with the practice. Discover the power of this amazing Hawaiian practice!
Cleanse and purify your memories of pain through forgiveness and become one with divinity again. 
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06/12/2018 at 13:40

Love it!

06/12/2018 at 13:40

I practice Ho’oponopono all every morning. I’m download the app to see how it works, thanks for the tip!

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