3 Guided Meditations to Help You Deal With New Situations

By Zen App

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For many people, the uncertainty of the new can generate fear, but it does not need to be that way. We have chosen three guided meditations available in Zen to help you cope with the new.

1. New challenges

Find resources to face the new with more courage and security. Fight better with insecurity and fear before new phases and challenges. Develop internal resources to move forward more safely and securely from your steps.

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2. Energy Renewal

The energetic cleaning is very important so that your body gets to carry out all the necessary activities without any type of interruption. Renew your energies with this meditation.

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3. Realigning your life

It allows you to open your heart, realign and organize the areas of your life. Throughout life we go through moments of mental confusion, moments of crisis, moments that we stop seeing meaning in what we do, in our own existence.

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